The Vitahealth Apothecary Experience

At Vitahealth, we believe in inclusive care and a multi-dimensional answer to health concerns. Medications can help and may be necessary, but can also disturb the body’s natural rhythms, have side effects or disrupt the healing process. We look to what the whole world has to offer in terms of healing tools to bring the body back into balance. Our network of experts is vast. We work with healers all over the world in collaboration with their patients (our customers), as well as those right here in New York City. Our team helps customers find a way to combine modalities - Western and Eastern - for the best possible outcome. We can easily ship worldwide and also offer free delivery in Manhattan.

About us

Who We Are

I’m David Restrepo, Registered Pharmacist and owner of Vitahealth Apothecary. I come from a long line of pharmacists and physicians. If you can believe it, from the age of eleven I began helping my Dad in his pharmacy. Everyone came to him for guidance and trusted his advice, often more than their own doctors. The experience has been a source of inspiration.

As an integrative pharmacist my approach is to complement conventional drug therapies for a better outcome. I aim to find a balance between Eastern and Western Medicine to help bring about our customers’ wellness. My focus and understanding of drug interactions and their side effects allows me to help patients find proper balance by compensating for depletions caused by medications. This can take many forms and it doesn’t necessarily mean another medication or a supplement. My belief is we need to look for answers in the most unexpected places, and also look for the data to support those paths. I believe the future does not equal the past, and in the end we will be remembered by how we treated others.

I’m inspired by the doctors and healers that have and do work alongside us everyday to find a complementary answer to puzzling health concerns, chronic illness and in many cases optimizing wellness. These practitioners are integrative specialists in areas such as oncology, ENT, pediatrics, internal medicine and psychology, and together we develop patient care plans.

Our team of pharmacists, compounding specialists and nutrition experts are dedicated and thoughtful. Each team member brings a different quality and value to what makes up our mission: For people to know there is a reliable source in the wellness community that has exceptionally high standards of integrity, a great responsibility to source the cleanest, purest most effective forms of nutraceuticals, supplements and botanicals that a customer will need.

We are one of the most comprehensive curated resources for your health.

Compounding Services

Please send all inquiries to boris@vitahealthapothecary.com