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Advanced NeuroPlus


Advanced NeuroPlus offers a combination of six unique ingredients that support the brain and nervous system: Neumentix™ spearmint complex; NeuroFactor™ coffee plant whole fruit extract; Lion’s mane mushroom; American ginseng extract with standardized ginsenoside content; Citicoline, precursor to phosphatidylcholine; and NTFactor® phosphoglycolipid blend.

Key Features:

  • Six superior brain-boosting nutrients, each with unique benefits
  • Neumentix™ spearmint may improve sleep, enhance working memory, and boost cognition
  • NeuroFactor™ coffee fruit extract supports BDNF levels
  • Standardized American ginseng extract supports memory and alertness
  • Lion’s mane mushroom strengthens memory and concentration
  • Citicoline is a precursor to key brain nutrient phosphatidylcholine
  • NTFactor® phosphoglycolipids support normal membrane potential and ATP energy production

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