Premier Research Labs

D3 Serum


A Rich, Live Source of Natural Vitamin D3

  • 1,000 mg vitamin D3 per dose
  • Natural-source vitamin D3 (not synthetic) in a fat-soluble base for better absorption
  • No artificial colors or flavors, no added magnesium stearate Promotes bone growth and mineralization, absorption of calcium
  • Supports cardiovascular and immune system health

The body’s need for adequate vitamin D has gathered even more attention lately. Although direct sunlight exposure on the skin initiates an excellent source of vitamin D, many people simply can’t achieve the vitamin D levels they need for their best health. Maybe they simply don’t receive enough sunlight or it’s tough for them to convert vitamin D to the active form. Either way, taking a high quality vitamin D supplement makes good sense for supporting optimal health.

Premier Research Labs D3 Serum offers 1,000 mg per serving of natural-source Vitamin D3 as a fat-soluble liquid in a base of extra virgin olive oil. No artificial flavors or colorings, no added magnesium stearate or other undesirable chemical agents.

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