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DigestaCure AutoImmune-X Capsules


DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® is a concentrated extract of long-chain immune modulating components from a cultured 20th generation Aloe botanical (No genetic manipulation) which has been bred to produce modulating components in high quality and quantity. DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® contains long-chain immune modulators ranging from 1 million Dalton to over 10 million Dalton.

What is an Immune Modulator, and what is a Dalton?

An immune modulator is a natural, plant-derived microscopic structure designed by nature for the support and restoration of the immune systems in mammals. For the last 70 years, through procedures designed for profits, the food industry has unintentionally yet progressively depleted the immune modulating components from the food supply. This depletion is directly correlated to the rise of autoimmune conditions.

A “Dalton” is a unit of molecular weight dictating chain length of the microscopic structure. The scientific community has defined structures of One Million Dalton and higher as “Immune Modulators” or “Healing Orchestrator's.”      DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® contains long-chain immune modulators ranging from 1 million Dalton to over 10 million Dalton.

Note: This product IS NOT “Aloe Vera” as most understand Aloe. Under any independent size-exclusion laboratory analysis, All processed Aloe vera products prove to be short-chain molecular material (Processed Aloe juices, gels, and powders.)

DigestaCure®  AUTOIMMUNE-X® is 100% pure and 100% natural, with no negative side effects. It is completely non-toxic. DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® contains No yeast, No corn, No wheat, No Gluten, No soy, No dairy, No fillers, No preservatives, No animal products, No Latex, No Aloin, and is suitable for vegetarians. The capsule is a certified kosher vegetable based "veggie cap." (No Gelatin)


  • A proprietary blend of Immune Modulating Components consisting of:
  • Stabilized long-chain polymannan and polysaccharide molecules
  • stabilized mannose molecules
  • stabilized glucomannans
  • stabilized glucopolymannans
  • stabilized medium and short chain polysaccharides
  • stabilized mucopolysaccharides
  • stabilized glycoproteins
  • stabilized glycolipids
  • Also contains trace amounts of natural plant minerals.

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